Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A very late Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.

I did get out and take photo's on Bloom day. So many blooms this time of year , it's easier  doing this when  just a few . My replanted area is full , almost everything is blooming .

I won't show all the blooms, just the new ones that I grew from seed  this year :                                                          Cleome' Violet Queen'

German Catchfly 'Blue angel'


Nicotiana langsdorfii

Centaurea scabiosa 'Scarlet' ...I thought I ordered 'Black Knight' , I'm having bad luck with the' blacks' , I  haven't had a single Poppy' Black Swan' , I scattered seeds around the edges of the border  in early spring .

Nigella 'blue stars'
I wonder if there was a mix up with my seed packets . These have come up where my  Poppy 'Black Knight' seeds where scattered. I don't know what they are yet ...looks like small white daisies. 

   Xeranthemum annuum which is from seeds I've had for a few years , this is the first time  It's made a nice Plant. I think  it was neglected  last time I tried. 
I didn't get around to finishing my Bloom Day post because I was making more pots.


  1. Your garden is wonderfully lush and colorful! I'm jealous.

  2. So your Cleome also blooming pretty dark, yay! It’s a winner as far as I’m concerned. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I'm always happy when someone likes my plants that I grow from seed , they are my babies !

  3. Good things are worth waiting for and this post is very good! Love how full and colorful your garden looks. A wonderful new pot!

  4. joyous and inspiring, much better to post late then not at all.