Tuesday, November 28, 2017

My Gesneriad Collection

I seem to have started a Gesneriad collection . Not many considering there seem to be thousands in the species . Just enough to run along the East facing window sill. East seems to be the place . Morning sun, when it's to be had. I've bought a grow light . I what blooms !
The one on the far left is the African violet I've had for years. It's never re-bloomed , so that's my challenge ...you will bloom , you are meant to be the easiest of all to bloom ! Hopefully the gravel tray will add moisture , which they seem to like.
The middle one is a Streptocarpus . It did have one bloom when I brought it home . Apparently the soil shouldn't be allowed to dry out.
The one on the end is Primulina 'Betty' . I got this last year from Evan The Practical Plant Geek at the last plant swap. It has beautiful foliage and seems healthy , but no blooms ...yet , maybe the extra moisture and light will help.

Two new ones : Kohleria 'lono' and Smithiantha . They both have blooms , the trick will be keep them at it.  They all seem to need misting , so I've got my stray bottle handy . I wish I still had the lovely copper sprayer I had in the seventies !

Another Streptocarpus , this one came from my mother . I've had this for years . It blooms all year long in my sunroom , which is unheated . The soil is always too dry , but doesn't seem to mind , it just keeps blooming.


  1. I hope you get blooms! I like primulinas just for their beautiful foliage, but the flowers are a nice bonus. I've flirted with collecting gesneriads several times, but I always end up getting rid of them as other plants occupy the prime window spots and the gesneriads then don't get enough light to bloom. Artificial light is a huge help in our dark winters. The only one I grow currently is Primulina 'Patina'.

  2. I got the Gesneriads from my local 'Yard and garden land '. They were on consignment from a young student/collecter. I ended up grabbing them all (only three) . I see now they can become an addiction !

  3. It's good to have an indoor addiction to see you through until spring.