Saturday, July 15, 2017

July in Bloom .

We were sitting out last night, when I reminded Philip of todays Bloom day. His first reaction was "You've got shit loads!"
Then as he scanned around ..."Oh you're  F...ked "
I 'd just spend the day pulling and cutting down all the early bloomers, which leaves me short till the Asters and Heleniums     . 

Still there are plenty of blooms . The first of the pint sized Glads.  from 'Old house bulbs' . This must be 'bibi' .

Looks like : Heleniums, Echinacea , Eryngium agavefolium, Bronze fennel, Feather grass  and my mother's Phlox. 

Eryngium "Miss Wilmotts Ghost' with Inula Orientalis and Asclepias tuberosa . Not sure how that combination came about .

      A collapsing Santolina with Allium sphaerocephalon . 

My camera battery ran out , so lastly Echinacea pallida , which I grew from seed a few years ago and has really taken off.


  1. Some lovely color in your garden. That first picture is fabulous.

    1. Lisa , Cyclamen purpurascen ! I forgot to mention , a very cute bloom.

  2. I can't believe I have not planted Eryngium yet. Nice blooms Linda!

  3. I'm so jealous of your Echinacea pallida...I have had some for 3 years now and they just don't seem interested in doing anything :-(

  4. You do have loads! Looking lovely...

  5. Tamara, Thank you ! Thought of you today ...I have a little Chickadee that visits the garden everyday !

  6. Love that shot with the drumstick Alliums and so glad you got that last shot before the battery gave out. Quite an accomplishment to have raised those fab Echinacea from seed.