Monday, December 2, 2013

Tag bag 2013...

With all the talk of a prolonged freeze, I 've been going through my plant tags , I can't always remember how hardy some of the newly planted ones are. I know all the really tender ones are inside…but what about the others.
I lost so many plants a few years ago !

I've made little stacks , the tallest looks like from the new Xera shop ,  closely followed by Cistus  and Joy Creek nursery  

Then there are all the local purchases and a few from the Hardy plant sales . Not a bad year for plant collecting . Now to  wade through them and check which plants could use a wrap for the coming chill !


  1. Oh dear...that seems like a frightening thing to do...face the reality of the shopping! I've saved most of the tags from plant purchases...but I haven't actually looked at them in ages!

  2. Just like that you've got me feeling better about my purchases, as our stacks are very similar in size!

  3. I need to go through my tag bag too--your stacks seem quite reasonable to me!

  4. Scott, Lori, Heather, I wonder who's got the tallest stack…I reckon…Peter or Alison !