Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Recycled Arts Festival...

On Saturday morning I ventured downtown to the Farmers market . Normally just  to enterain the doggies ... very popular with the local dogs.
Lucky for me , a huge Recycled Arts  festival in the park 

Or should I say garden Art. I've never seen so many rusty rebars and bits and bobs of anything and everything all welded together to creat so many fun and crazy garden pieces.
I had to overcome my public photo taking phobia and take a few quick snaps. 

If onlyI  had four hundred in my pocket , I would have been tempted with this one

Or these rusty reeds for $ 250.00 , 

Something for the jazz fans

Something to fill with succulents

Something to frighten the dogs

Something for everyone


  1. Oh, fun stuff! I love those round metal succulent holder thingys. Thanks for taking and posting your picture.

  2. Cool! Love all of the spheres and I'd be sorely tempted by the one you liked, too! What a cool event to find!

  3. I missed it! Thanks for taking pictures. Those dog sculptures are hilarious!

  4. I love those giant metal urns. I saw that same sphere at the Clackamas County master gardener fair and was tempted as well. We all need to win the lottery.

  5. You're right about "something for everyone". It's the piece with the rocks that rocks my boat.

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