Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Spanish Oat grass...

Stipa gigantea ...Spanish oat grass is what I asked for a few years ago , after seeing Fergus Garrett running his fingers through it on ' Gardeners World' .  I bought three pots to plant along the length of the walk way at the back of the house. As a sort of  living screen , here it is after three years looking just as I hoped , 


  1. Beautiful! I love the huge seedheads on this grass!

  2. Those seed heads are awesome!

  3. One of the most beautiful plants...I finally gave mine away to someone with more sun and lighter soil (Ricki). I think she might give me visitation rights, though ;-)

    1. Of my three clumps , the only one that is sow in blooming and looking a bit wimpy in shaded by the plum tree.

  4. Yes, I am the proud recipient of Scott's largesse, and looking forward to a scene like yours. Thanks for the preview.