Saturday, January 19, 2013

More frost and a look back....

Once again I was out early enjoying another fosty morning! Stachyurus salicifolia,which I think I planted in late winter   Last year, with the finest crysal edging

Acicia dealbata with the nodding heads of Eurphobia
This frosty week has prompted me to take a look back at previous  Januarys  ...this was taken on this very day last year!

And this was that winter of 2008 , I remember it well ...  new to the PNW and to gardening , I had no experience with Hardiness,  half hardiness , zones denial  .... I must have lost every South african and South American native that I innocently planted in my exposed garden that year. And have I  learned from that winter ,or was it two winters? NO .....

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  1. OMG...I remember that snowstorm so was kind of amazing...the first time I've really seen it snow here in PDX!