Sunday, November 5, 2017

November ...not so much in the garden !

Weather wimp that I am this time of year . I hate damp/cold , so I've stayed in mostly this month. Which is probably not a bad thing for the garden. The leaves mostly get taken care of by the worms . The birds seem to like to scramble around in them too. 

Strange little houses appeared , so best not disturb !

I did have an explosive few days when the sun was out and it was still warm . Once started  things just kept coming out . First the bronze fennel went , then the grasses needed moving  , couldn't stop ....
I think it will better ?

Marmalade making and baking bread ,  just the thing for November. Maybe not at the same time !


  1. Hi Linda--I think you have found the right approach!! (Stomach growling right now, oh my gosh.) Hunker down; and "let the leaves lie"!

    Glad I found your blog at last.

  2. Hi Alyse , Thanks for visiting ! I might pay for my slackness later on .

  3. The "strange little houses" are a marvelous touch.