Tuesday, January 15, 2019

January Garden Blogger's Bloom Day and Tell the truth Tuesday

I jammed my camera  up under the Hellebore bloom . 

I noticed this little clump of Primula's the other day.

And Primula 'Wanda' 

 I almost missed  this tiny  Saxifraga  starting to bloom , Probably I need to get out more.  

Another easily missed bloom Polygala chamaebuxus .

A single Knautia 'thunder &lightning '

Hamamelis Jelena in full bloom .

This is the ugly damage the plumber caused with his huge double wide van a few weeks ago. The Cotinus  on the right  he rammed out by its roots. Philip spend hours ratcheting it back up . I think it will have to be chopped down , it's old and looks a hacked up mess . 

The big Spruce was also damaged , with big limbs ripped  off ... I hate plumbers  !

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year and a Tell The Truth Tuesday

I was all set to post for Alison's Bonnie Lassie) 'Tell the Truth Tuesday' . With photo's of the damage to the trees along the drive way when the plumber plowed through with his double wide van the other week,  I 'm too relieved that the garden didn't need to be dug up to replace the main water pipe.

So I won't show all that . Anyway it's a new year and freezing fog and stagnant air makes the garden look so good !