Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tiny trees...

My Robinia 'tristy baby' has made a baby! And since I had an extra Goodwill pot  to fill…another 'Keshiki Bonsai' 

I found this little Albizza ...I think anyway.  I t was ether  you go in the compost  bin or in a  little pot.
The China rose I grew from seed last year is making a few blooms . With the weather being milder this year and  watering twice a day I've managed to keep the moss green .

Monday, August 15, 2016

Garden Blooger's Bloom Day for August….

It's the Bronze Fennel  and the Guara that reigns supreme in the Garden this time of year.  With a  little help from  Nicotiana sylvestris , which has just now coming into bloom.

After just reading 'A Flower a day' by Margery Fish ,  I see what she means about the" rampant Golden rod ".  But then again they are easy to pull out. I haven't pulled many, as you can see. 

The heleniums have become a stalwart in my dry garden, along with the Pentstemons

Every year this Fuchsia 'whiteknights amethyst'  collapses all over the gravel path...but not this year  . I made a little rebar support …nice clear path , with  the Fuchsia standing proud. 

More Guara , with Agastache this time.

Panicum 'cheynne sky' , Sedum' autumn sky' , Queen annes lace , Teucrium hircanicum 'paradise delight' , Verbena bonariensis and Echinacea pallid in the very  dry and wind swept front garden.

One of  annuals or tender perennial  I grew from seed. Blooming at not four 'o'clock , but more like six here in the PNW.
This is Mirabilis longiflora 'fairy trumpets' . I'm thinking, I might have to dig this up and over winter it indoors.! 
And for many more August blooms visit: Carol May Dreams Gardens

Sunday, August 7, 2016

An August evening ...

I thought I'd better get out the camera , it looks like grey skies for a few days…and " slight chance showers".
I've hardly watered this area at all, just some of the new planting . It's held up  really well, the planting is getting nice and thick now. Which makes less watering and less weeding! One weed got away...the tall one on the top right ! 

There always seems to be a stick holding up some badly behaved branch , the Decaisnea Fargesii in this case. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Looking at some planting from last year...

Last August I did a post on a small area I had replanted. Looking at it this morning , I'm  very pleased  !

This is from last year , I had just bought this Rhododendron 'evered' and the Yucca 'blue boy'.                                              I had to pull out and pick though all the variegated sedum, that was no longer variegated  and replant  ….just the few variegated bits.

This with the Weigela , Eucomis 'sparkling burgundy' and Panicum 'cheyene sky' makes a nice group .

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A few July blooms...

Since I was a slacker and didn't do a Bloom day post this month. I thought I'd post a few of the annuals I grew from seed this year. Although I only grew the tiny Tassel flower at the top . I don't often like my container arrangements, but this one I do …Blood grass , which seems to stay in the pot, it hates my garden , too dry !  With Punica granatum 'nana and my Tassel flower.

I been saving and growing the German catchfly 'patio mix' every year , ever since I got a free packet of seeds with an order.

Only a mild whiff of fragrance from  this Phlox 'Isbellina' ,  I like the creamy coloring.

Another one I grew every year , Night phlox, just as the flowers are closing for the day.

A new one: Zinnia 'red spider'  with a lone 'Bell of Ireland ' bloom 

Browallia 'Blue lady' one of the nightshade family.

The first of the Maltese cross 'dawn sky'. blooms . I went for the Apricot rather than the red flowers .

Centaurea americana
Centaura as the basket , just before blooming

Phlox 'moody blues' …I think , maybe an odd one in the "isabellina'  seed packet.

And lastly these two , patiently waiting for me to be finished.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Back to the figs...

Last year I adopted six mature potted figs from a neighbor . They had been in the same pot for ten years .   I brought them home and carefully or not so carefully pulled them out of their pots and sawed off the bottom third of the roots , gave them a little rinse  and some fresh soil .
Those tufts of grass  around the pots , by the way….Eragrostus elliottis 'wind dancer' and the taller tufts …Mexican feather grass.  Yes, they do seed about.  But I like to keep a little collection at hand !

Three more Figs : Lattarula, Petite Negri and Conadria.

This  is one of the two I already had :Brown turkey , which started pushing out the figs a bit late I thought, but they seem to be catching up with the others.

Petite Negri, Looks to be the first to ripen.

This one, Lattarula the Italian honey fig is quite a whopper. I think that middle one is  ripe.
'Panache' which  fruit are still small, but  nice stripy coloring.

Meta's , I couldn't find any references to this one . I count over fifty figs on this  tree.

I was pleased to see this little fig on'Mary lane' . I had been a bit aggressive , taking too much root away .when I repotted it. It seems to have recovered.
This is other one of my original Figs 'Crusader' 

And here we have Conadria . If we lived in zone 9 or  10 we would have to crops.   But I'm being greedy enough with so this many figs.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bye, bye Lynchnis...

It was a morning of yanking out Rose Campion. I timed it with the yard debris collection.  My compost bin is already overflowing. Even though I did crunch half of it with my grinder .
Rose has been very useful, but some of it had to go. 

A long sprinkling on the bare area, which isn't as huge as last year, when I started planting this area.

I hope I got them out before they've had a chance to throw out more seed.  I'm sure something will take advantage of this clearing, probably more Lychnis or a few hundred For-get-me-nots .