Friday, September 15, 2017

September Blooms....

I was going to run around and snap pictures of my blooms . Then I realized it would be mostly Asters  ! Sorry Asters  I do appreciate you.
So, instead I have two new blooms from my resent trip to Cistus nursery ! They are still in pots , which is highly unusual , I like to get things in the ground straight away  !
Monardella macrrantha 'Marion Sampson' , I'm not sure where Marion would be happy yet ! She likes VERY  good drainage
But likes a little drink in summer. Zone 7 , so no problem . 

Salvia pachyphylla also still in it's pot , I'm really slacking ....
Happy Gardeners Blooms day !
Thank you Carole  at May Dreams Gardens.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

September in the garden...

September is always a much better gardening month in my dry garden. For one thing I can rest the sprinklers and  watering cans a bit. Though it's been awful windy and with only one day of rain in  (my neighbor  says sixty days ) seems like longer.  

I was just about to dead head some of the Fennel  seed heads , then I noticed it was full of tiny birds .

The best plant in the world ! Helene Von Stein has had not a drop of water.

I'm not sure Rosie's that impressed with my efforts . I think she would  prefer a lawn .

 A  big green  lawn would be much nicer !

These are my happy Panicum grasses . On the South/West  side  Miserable dry Panicum will shortly be joining  them.

Rodgersia has had enough of this heat , wind , SMOKE , no rain summer ! I  yanked most of the crispy leaves out , I think the rest will  go tomorrow .  

The tan and white cat taking it's leave . No joy on the hunt today !

September also allows me to plant up this nice big bare patch .

Monday, August 28, 2017

Late summer seed sowing...

On one of the too hot to be outdoors that we have had recently. I stayed in and scanned all my favorite seed sites for late summer /Autumn seeds to sow.  I ordered quite a few .                                                                                            Antirrhinum majus'Tetra mixed' was simple , just sow on damp compost , but in a polytene bag  and set in 68 to 86f temps. It's been too hot out side some of the time so I kept them indoors .
I now have a pot of Snapdragons !
Erysimum cheir "blood red' was next ,  it likes even cooler temps , so indoors they stayed . These came up in only a few days !
Eryngium varlifolium 'Miss marble' needed the chill , so it's been in the fridge for 3 weeks .
Alstroemeria ligtu needed the chill as well, it's had it's fridge time, now it needs 70f , so too hot out doors this week ,  on to the windowsill for you. too.  Looks like it could take a month to germinate. I've heard they do not like to be disturbed Echinacea paradoxa 'Yellow coneflower' went directly on moist soil , but they may need to that chill if they refuse to come out soon ...or I could just wait till it get cold out .

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

August in the garden...

You can just make out the sprinkler in the photo . I had hoped I wouldn't need to water much this summer. We had plenty of rain this winter . I didn't plant many new things this spring . But, when the rain stopped and the temperature kept raising  and raising for god nows how long now . I find myself sprinkling , or carrying watering cans all day , everyday . 

I got fed up with this area under the plum tree . So, the other day I dug out all the E. 'Miss Wilmots' . I enjoy her in the sunny open areas of the garden. But here she takes over , and then turns silver, which is nice . It's when she too early goes autumnal. I'm not ready !
So, I'm looking for new plants....

'Miss Wilmot' can stay here. She fits in , it's all golden .

The shade garden did pretty well though the heat. I do turn the sprinkler on every day for a short time though. I 've been cutting things back and pulling spent bloomers out .  

My big dry sunny area I cleared of lawn two years ago , has filled in nicely . I've had to dig up and save a few suffering plants . 'Miss Wilmot' you are welcome here as well.

My corner with all the recovering ... I hope. Plants that I've saved from heat exhaustion.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Back to my mother's garden..

I did a post on my mother's garden many years ago. I think she had just turned eighty.  She's now ninety!
 The garden upkeep was becoming  to much.
Well I found her a great hands on gardener , and he managed to keep things from getting out of hand .
Unfortunately he's now buggered off to North Dakota! .  

So , I am once again head gardener ! So much to do , Those islands are full of"Ugly grass" ...ugh .

The Landscapers have not been trimming the edges when they mow the lawn.

My mother likes to strangle the Crocosmia  1

Her obsession is clover in the grass . I'm sure she had the gardener spend all his time picking it out of the lawn.

She is  a master at bare hand snatch and pull  that dead stuff !

This is what I've been working on...digging out all the "ugly grass". Claggy clay soil is not so easy, especially when wet !
My brother won't be pleased...he just pressure washed the patio .

This was my first job !  I should have taken a before photo.
It was full of "ugly grass". So I lifted all the stones out , they're only moulded cement blobs , not to heavy.
 Down went weed fabric this time round , I'm not messing with this again ! Looking at this picture, I need to move a few of those stones around !

Saturday, July 15, 2017

July in Bloom .

We were sitting out last night, when I reminded Philip of todays Bloom day. His first reaction was "You've got shit loads!"
Then as he scanned around ..."Oh you're  F...ked "
I 'd just spend the day pulling and cutting down all the early bloomers, which leaves me short till the Asters and Heleniums     . 

Still there are plenty of blooms . The first of the pint sized Glads.  from 'Old house bulbs' . This must be 'bibi' .

Looks like : Heleniums, Echinacea , Eryngium agavefolium, Bronze fennel, Feather grass  and my mother's Phlox. 

Eryngium "Miss Wilmotts Ghost' with Inula Orientalis and Asclepias tuberosa . Not sure how that combination came about .

      A collapsing Santolina with Allium sphaerocephalon . 

My camera battery ran out , so lastly Echinacea pallida , which I grew from seed a few years ago and has really taken off.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The garden this morning..

After the boom, boom of last night. There was peace in the garden early this morning .
I've been lacking big projects this summer.

Then I decided the old Philadelphus should go.