Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Orchid drama and a make shift Vivarium

I brought this tiny mounted Orchid Lepanthes calodictyon home from the Portland Orchid Society sale a few weeks ago . I'd ordered online from Ecuagenera - Orchids of Ecuador
and was able to pick it up at the sale.
Lepanthes  was never going to be an easy Orchid for me to keep happy . Trying to convince it was still in the cloud forest of Ecuador . But  I HAD to have it .
I tried it in one of my small terrariums ,  the leaves started to BLACKEN , Maybe to WET ?
Then I had it in my sunroom . .. CRISPY  LEAVES... not enough humidity or bad water ?

 Lepanthes needs are : Warmth, High Humidity, brist air circulation and medium light .


I had planned on putting together a Vivarium , but I haven't found  one yet .
So make shift vivarium  it had to be .... I found some clear plastic panels and attached them  all around a section of a shelving unit'.
It was all  cobbled together rather quickly . But, it seems to be doing the job.
I stuffed all my high humidity lovers in side.

Not very attractive , but  the front is just a plastic sheet with flappy bits  for better .. AIR CIRCULATION . 

And the humidity is heading towards 80 %  which is just what the Lepanthes love.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

A few things for spring

I've had this Clematis for years . I think I bought it discounted at 'Fred Meyer' . The tags lost , and I can't remember the name. This is the first year it's looked decent . Last year I missed what blooms it might have had.
I think all my Clematis are benefiting  from  my dumping  left over Orchid fertilzer over them every Saturday morning.

I love this Trollius ! I'm never brave enough to plant it in the ground. I think it would hate my  dry soil. It lives in a pot , so I can watch over it and give it plenty of water.

Same here with this dainty Geum rivals . Lots of water !

One of my  first garden plants Aquilegia vulgarisms 'windy blue and white planted in 2006  .

A native Delphinium trollifolium

A heavily laden Sinocalycantus'Hartiage wine' with Rodgersia 'Rotlaub' which looks it's best right now , before it gets too hot and dry and the leaves crumble and scorch.
So many things to enjoy this time of year !

Monday, April 22, 2019


I was thinking how well and how many Primulas I have this year . They are probably my favorite  flower.  This P. sunset shade is one of the oldest in the garden .

Prumula 'Gold Laced '  one of my favorite . Once it's finished blooming I'll dig it up and divide it. 

Primula veris 'gilded spice ...'  hiding . This is listed as a  Barnhaven primrose . barnhaven primroses  started  breeding  primulas in  Oregon in the 1930's . They are now based in France !

Couldn't ID this one 

Primula kisuana 'alba'  I bought this last year from the Rock Garden Society . I like the fuzzy  Gerainum  like leaves. 

Primula x vulgaris 'Guinevere'

Primula 'Wanda'

Primula x pruhuniciana 'springtime' growing in my Bonsai dish .
Looking through my plant tags , I see I'm missing :
Primula 'white echo'
Primula x pubescens lavender'
Primula aurucula 'Fred booley'
Primula auricle 'blue velvet'
Primula x vulgaris 'hole in the hole yellow'
Primula vulgaris 'Francesca'

I'm going to have to have another look around.

Monday, April 8, 2019

MIllium effuse Aureum

Not to be confused with Bowles golden sedge , this is Bowles Golden grass or Golden  Millet Grass.
I planted these from seed a few  years ago . They come from one of my favorite seed companies :


from Ireland . It has taken a few years for them to bulk up , but they are  wonderful just now.
I believe they are short lived , but they are good self seeders , maybe too good . Pulled out easily enough and plenty to give away or relocated .
They are a woodland grass from Europe , but I found they survived my dry sunny  garden without being scorched  to badly. I've planted them in the shadiest spots I could find.  

and here with another great self seeder Rumex sanguineus.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Lunaria 'Rosemary Verey"

When I planted L. 'Rosemary Veery' a few years ago I was expecting it to behave like  L Annua .   Self seeding by the dozens. But no , I always end up with just the one . Which I don't mind because I have plenty of L Annua to keep me happy. 

But then I notice this little one...could be the end of the well behaved Rosemary Verey .

The not so well behaved Aunna .

Monday, March 25, 2019

In a vase on Monday

I watched 'Monty Don' trimming his fruit tree on 'Gardener's world' . I think it was an apple tree , but  it inspired me to do the same to my Santa Rosa plum . So, off with the crowded , overlapping and anything that grew straight up . Not that many , only what I could reach standing on steps. Which is still only the lowest  branches . 

And I brought in a few branches to fill in my new vase. It's the biggest  piece I've made , at least in girth . 

Monday, March 11, 2019

A day in the garden

Or two days rather ! Two days of warmth and sun , a chance to get out and tidy up all dried up mess . No snipping needed , just a gentle yank and the crispy stuff comes away . The grasses will need some more pulling , I usually brush through it with a stiff rake.  The rake is handy for pulling all the dead wooly Stachy up as well.

My drawf mondo lawn is thickening up . 

So much of this about 

These Carex  are moving this year  , they looked a mess all summer.

More messy Carex 

A big clump of Stachys which will get good racking over. It thins it out as well.

The dreaded chopping down of this one ....maybe next warm day.