Thursday, October 27, 2016

Physalis peruviana

Physalis peruviana or Cape gooseberry in my sunroom. Still blooming away ! It's been out doors all  summer.  I did get a few fruit to pick and eat. I don't think these will come to anything though. 

A few small fruit forming, they need plenty of heat and water .

I adopted these two plants from my neighbor last year , they were quite small .  I really don't know how big they get , or if I need to cut them back ? 
Here is the other one . I can see many little blooms ! I'll have to wait and see how they get along in the  winter . I don't usually heat the room unless it get really freezing cold. But I might  have to treat them to a blast of the heater if they keep pushing out the blooms .

Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Few October blooms …

Mickey and  I made our way round the garden ,  before our PNW stormy week arrived .   Nicotiana  Slyvestris is aways the last late summer bloomer.

Another late bloomer 'Plectranthus kameba' is much happier this time of year. I have to  given this one plenty of water  to keep it from wilting in the heat . 

Persicaria 'blackfield'  the earliest and best Persicaria bloomer , for me anyway !

Aster 'Monte casino white'  the last aster to bloom.

When I started  this garden it was Cosmos, Cosmos every where. Then they seemed  to disappear….welcome back !

Mahonia 'soft caress 

I've been enjoying this combination of Carex 'blue zinger' and Cyclamen for weeks.   Some how  it survives despite  it being a favorite spot for the dogs to snooze on top of all summer. 

A climbing Petunia I grew from seed this year. 

And finally an early  spring time visiter . This Primula likes  to give me a surprise  visit  this time of year !
Happy Bloom day ! Thank you Carol and  more blooms here

Monday, October 3, 2016

October in the garden...

I can't complain about bare patches this year , at least not in the back garden. All the plants that have been suffering all   through  the late summer  with the drying wind and little water . Are enjoying the cooler temperatures  and rain fall .

This is when I would normally start moving plants around. But I think I'll wait till spring .

The front garden is looking far more autumnal . It's the Hamamelis ,which has been changing color all summer, depending how stressed  they get with the wind and the heat. Last year  they  had a sudden leaf drop really early , so I've been giving them an extra spritz of water.
The Guara's have grown and grown. Why I  thought five, planted at the front was a good idea .They were  were only tiny two years ago. Next spring I'll move them further back. They do look nice with the Erigerons though... 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's Autumn ...

I 've been meaning to do Autumn  post , but I've had, not a... terrible cold, but a lingering…not a lot of energy  …first cold of the season. So, I 've been just lazily enjoying these last days of September.   

Thursday, September 15, 2016

September gardener's bloom day

It's Asters , Asters and more Aster's this month !

Saturday, September 3, 2016

September in the garden ...

The garden has been looking Autumnal for weeks. I 've been watering and dead heading and cutting back and adding new plants … trying to keep things looking fresh .

A week of good rain fall  and cooler temperatures. The garden has perked up ! I am  finally  going to dig out the gigantic Oregano clump hanging over the driveway on the left. It is smothering everything . 

The TALL back border has held up with very little water . This is probably the hardest driest soil in the garden , they seem to love it.

One of my most difficult areas to fill in , under the Santa Rosa Plum tree. It's shady most of the day . Then it gets a blast of late sun.  I've dug up and moved so many unhappy plants this summer . I've now filled it with : Euphorbia 'Blackbird', Aster 'prince', Panicum' Shenandoah' ,  as many  purple  Geraniums  as I can find and anything of the purpley dark foliaged sort. I might throw in a Eucomis' sparkling burgundy if I can find one.  

The former front lawn has been another tricky area. I'm still trying out plants .  When it was just a big area of grass , I never noticed how the wind blasted through.  I've got three Hemmamelis planted in here , hopefully a bit of a wind break! And low plants in the most exposed area .

The former Vinca major corner. Has been coming along nicely. I've been tugging out hand fulls of sedum ground cover as other plants fill in. There is still a LOT of sedum , which turns a frothy pink when in bloom.

The shade or not that shady area got awfully crispy this year, I've had to move a few things. This calls for a major replant . I blame my neighbors ... hacking down the tree that used to shade this area better.
So now to get on with it !

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tiny trees...

My Robinia 'tristy baby' has made a baby! And since I had an extra Goodwill pot  to fill…another 'Keshiki Bonsai' 

I found this little Albizza ...I think anyway.  I t was ether  you go in the compost  bin or in a  little pot.
The China rose I grew from seed last year is making a few blooms . With the weather being milder this year and  watering twice a day I've managed to keep the moss green .