Monday, November 2, 2015

November in the garden...

Between big sloshes of rain , I've been clearing , replanting and graveling another seating area. This one in the far south/east facing corner . It's the  place to set just now , a nice sun trap.
The fence area is very BARE . You can't see it . but I've planted a Loquat , my second try. I'm counting on a mild winter…we'll see.

The Japanese Maple coloring nicely at last.

A sneaky little bloom I almost missed , Camellia grijsii 


  1. I may have to rethink camellias after seeing that photo. sneak out there between downpours for a little sit?

    1. Ricki, I seem to be collecting small flowering Camellias, I have three now .

  2. I hope that your loquat grows in nicely. I was enjoying my sun trap this afternoon. Those are precious seats on a sunny November afternoon.