Wednesday, November 18, 2015

In the garden ….

It was dry and mild today, so a chance to get out , rake a few leaves , pull some weeds   and have a look around.
Verbena rigida and another gang of  Cerinthe Major . I wonder if they will bloom , than I can have even more selfseeders  in the spring.

Sanguisorba 'alba' got lost in the fray at the height of summer.

 The new self-seeders of Teucrium hircanicum'paradise delight' are just starting to bloom. These can seed as much as they like , such a great plant in my dry garden . So much easier then all the Veronicas I've tried out for purple spikes.

Salvis Turkistanica having another go.

The pineapple sage happily blooming away and  a row of  Borage , which at this point has nice fresh foliage , so it can stay for awhile yet, that stuff plops itself in to every available space .

Rosa chinensis has been blooming all summer . The plants I grew from seed are now almost a foot tall  , they to got a little lost in the summer border.
Not bad at all for late November !


  1. Wow, your garden looks amazing, Linda. Great photos!

    1. Thanks Tamara ! It feels colder today , hope we don't get snow .