Wednesday, October 28, 2015

In search of Autumn ...

After a wet and gloomy morning ; I decided I'd better get out and have a look round before it all  goes to mush.
I don't have the most boldly colored Autumn garden, I tend to like GREENS , but I did find some color about .
My Cotinus this year has gone all crispy bronze instead of golden , maybe too mild out.

Now this is more like it, This Cotinus was here when be moved in , I didn't prune it at all this year, Most years I cut it right down . Behind is a new plant : Mugo 'Aurea' . To replace  a mostly dead Buddleia .
Speckles of gold coming from Robinia 'twisty baby'

The Katsura dropped it's leaves early , but we still have the orange frame work for winter.

The Cunninghamia turning a stressed out orange 

Mostly  glaucus green , but with a golden Wistera , hopefully strangling the giant Photina 

The nice clump of Panicum to break up all the green .

Finally Autumn ! 


  1. But how has your Robinia 'twisty baby' gotten so big!?

  2. Your inherited Cotinus has the rim of color around the leaves. Mine finally did that too. I think it's stress-related, but I like it.

    1. Ricki, Lot of stressed plants round here .

  3. Autumn seems to be happening in fits and starts here too...some things are already mostly defoliated...others still completely green.