Thursday, October 15, 2015

October in Bloom...

Nearly missed another bloom day! Such a beautiful day it was too. I found myself sitting out  with a book , getting the most out of  it before the forecasted rain this weekend. So , not many bloom photos .
I have been enjoying the Miscanthus blooms dangling over the pond .

And after complaining about Verbena  bonariensis not self seeding last year , it's certainly making up for it , every where I look another group of seedling ... my kind of plant.

Abutilon'furious yellow' just keeps blooming away.

A few blooms still in the shade garden , Ammi ,Nicotiana sylvestris and a huge  Panicum 'Cheyenne Sky , which will have to move next year , It's over taken the path.

And lastly Rosie ,  enjoying the end of another fine October day. Visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens  for many more October blooms


  1. Abutilon 'furious yellow'....ha! Now that's a great name.

  2. Great shots of your garden! I'm glad that you're out enjoying your hard work. I love the updated pond.

  3. That first shot is positively dreamy! I tried to go on your blog on Bloom Day, but somehow it wouldn't let me. For some reason, I have that problem a lot with Blogger posts - not sure why. It's probably just my ancient computer, or maybe some Blogger/WordPress incompatibility issue. Anyway, I'm glad I finally got to see it - your garden looks like such a wonderful, peaceful oasis. :)