Thursday, May 21, 2015

The hornbeam

I hadn't planned on buying anymore trees. But , when I came home the other afternoon  . My shady corner was decidedly bright . It took a me a minute to realize  what had changed... the neighbors giant fir tree was GONE. It's kind of shocking when that happens. Not that I loved that Fir tree . But suddenly the shady seating area was so exposed and not so cozy. And worse the view of the house next door…no, no, no. 

So, off we went to our  local NW nursery outlet, where I'd bought my Katsura last year.
And after poring out our problem to the sympathetic nursery man .  We came home with ; Carpinus Betulus Fastigata  or Pyramidal European Hornbeam . 

It's already softening that view... so relieved. And a beautiful graceful shimmering tree it is. I like that it's covering the fence , as well .


  1. I love the pleated leaves and hop-like flowers of Hornbeam. Good choice!

    1. I nearly got another Katsura , but I think this is the right one.

  2. I can't really express how delighted I was to see springtime arrive this year. It does good for the heart, doesn't it?
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