Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A sort of new fence.

It's taken awhile, but we have moved our fence forward and have a gate in place.

The new gate ! . We couldn't  get more metal for a gate to match the fencing. Philip's brilliant idea to cut two rows off the length of the rusty metal and have it welded together to make a gate.
Now this opens up the side shade garden and back garden. So nice to have a proper swinging gate to go in and out of.

The fence before , two rows taller . Too tall in fact; and the the temporary gate.                                                             Mickey stuck behind with only the back garden to play in. 

And now …open ! 


  1. Looks terrific. That Phillip!

  2. I love it! Very resourceful! :o)

  3. Very creative, and picturesque (as is your garden).

  4. I really love haw simple this fence is. It has its intended purpose to separate two areas but it is thin enough to make it seem like it isn't there. I had to search the pictures for a moment, it completely blends in with the plants, making the whole space look much larger than it is. This looks like an easy project I could try. Thanks for posting!

    Christian Renwick @ Altitude Fence And Deck