Monday, May 25, 2015

Bronze Fennel...

I've been trying to edit out some of the Bronze Fennel  I planted last year. They were only small clumps ,which I planted too many of  and too close together . 

One of these might need to go. 

I've dug out about half of them . Not  to worry I've spotted hundreds of seedlings , for next year.

I think it's a better blend now; and more room and light for the latter bloomers.

Mickey putting his two bits in .


  1. The clouds of fennel set everything off...all looks fabulous. I keep hearing what a ferocious reseeder it is, but do you think I can get even one to grow?

    1. Ferocious it is , in my dusty soil . I'll have hundreds to give alway !

  2. I've tried to grow dill but it didn't seem to make it. I get tired of the usual weeds like grasses, I could almost go for some fennel. It does have a nice smoky look. Mickey looks cute.

  3. You, or err...your garden, wear it well!

  4. I love it...I wish I could grow it...and I've tried!

  5. Hannah, I love the stuff, but I can see it being a pest. I've been pulling out seedlings by the dozens !
    Lori, Too well !
    Scott, You need to have soil like dust, in full sun, with no water !

  6. Mickey is adorbs! I think your bronze fennels looks great in the garden but I know what you mean about having too much of a good thing. Your garden is really well designed. I especially like the purple color echoes.