Friday, May 15, 2015

Blooms in May ...

I found one mad photo that seemed to have quite a lot of  red , in an otherwise blue and yellow  blooming garden : Helianthemum 'Henfield Brilliant' and my self seeding Oriental poppies .
And for the purples : Cerinthe major is aiming to take over,  much to the delight of the bees.
Lysimmachia atropurpurea with Geum 'Mango Lassi ' 
Planted from seed last year : Euphorbia oblongata with Stipa gigantea .
Here it is again with bronze fennel,   Allium unifoliums and garlic.
And lastly a new bloom  making it's way through the screen : Clematis ' Rooguchi'
                         Join Carol for even more beautiful May Blooms May Dreams Gardens.


  1. I'm mad for the red..."seeing red"?

  2. Your May blooms are stunning. Poppies with companions are wonderful.

  3. Whoa! That is quite a sea of Cerinthe. I never get more than one or two reseeders. Happy GBBD!

  4. How in the world did you end up with that many Cerinthe!? That is crazy amazingly beautiful.