Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring vignettes...

 A few spring vignettes...While mostly the garden is just starting to wake up, you can just see the Irises behind the Carex 'frosted curls'. I've been busy digging up grasses, trying not to tread on anything, splitting them up and filling up the all too many gaps.

Fritillaria Persica after disppointing last spring , looking more hopeful . And Anemone Blanda White Splender, I've been looking forward to this pairing


  1. It's that not treading on things that I'm having trouble with!

    Your garden (at least what you show of it) is looking fabulous!

  2. "Close-ups hide a multitude of empty spaces" says Philip

  3. My frittilaria persica always looks promising early, then fails to produce any flowers. Guess it's time to move it yet again. There has to be someplace around here to its liking.

    1. Ricki ,My Fritillaria Imperialis bloomed for many years, then got too wet and...just died. I'm enjoying the Perica at the moment , flowering or not !