Friday, March 15, 2013

March Bloom day 2013...

A lovely March bloom day it is . This is my favorite time of year ,when the Euphobias , which I have many of, are just know beginning to unfurl , then it's ...look out , those huge  Chartreuse flower bract of 'Wolfiniii' this one is a new tiny one call I think ' Tiny tim'. I planted it in my Whiskey barrel , with I realise too much: I've got sedum. Chard , hebe, Phorium, Pennisetum'burgundy bunny' ,Lobelia cardinalis, tulips, a hyacinth and even corn flower starts...I did leave out the kitchen sink.

Anemone Blanda white spendour

Pulmonaria 'Little star"

Clumps of Mascari ...everywhere

A first Camilla to bloom this year 

E. Blackbird 

Hacqueta epipactis, still a very tiny clump , so easily forgotten, luckily it emerges early or it would be in grave danger of having something planted  over the top of it.                                                                                                                                           Happy bloom day and visit Carol, at May Dreams Gardens,for more beautiful spring blooms


  1. Happy GBBD to you! I too, love to collect euphorbias. I call it euphorbia euphoria. Blackbird is on my spring list. Beautiful shots!

  2. Laura, I was at Yard & garden the other day to get another 'Blackbird' ...sold out...humph!