Friday, March 22, 2013


Between the rain and the hail and sun and rain and sun , I finding it exhilerating, frustarating and   exhausting . Running in and out of doors , trying to toss balls for the dogs and pull out weeds and dig up clumps and find new places for them without planting over the top of some thing not surfaced yet , which I've very nearly done already.

 During the sunny minutes of the day a few almost blooms , Grevillea juniperina 'molonglio'
Stylophorum dipphyllum the 'celadine poppy'

Erythronium pagoda

Acasia pravissima with plumped up blooms


  1. Hahahaha...sounds SO familiar...Spring is such a crazy flurry of activity...trying to get everything done in between rain least we're not buried under snow like those out east :-D

  2. Replies
    1. Jane, That Acacia I had layered for a year, that you wanted ...I went out , snipped it from the mother plant , the whole thing gave way me still holding on. It hadn't ROOTED ! not at all . A whole year , not a root. So disappointing ! I'm sorry !

    2. Oh, Linda, no worries! It IS disappointing, but primarily because of your careful work trying to layer it, and its refusal to cooperate! Will you try to somehow plant the section you snipped? I'll be curious to know if you can salvage it...not so much for me, but for simple horticultural success.

  3. We worked our tails off during the ten days of friendly weather, and were happy to take a breather when it got ugly. The light in your photos inspires me to get back out there.

    1. Had a late afternoon go at tidying up , hoping to get some things done before the swap!