Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just when I thought...

Just when I thought I would have a relaxing restful summer, with just a bit of plant shifting about... I've got myself started on another big project. After spending two years of   what seemed like never ending Vinca Major removal. This weekend I decided to reshape/ remove , quite a lot of the only lawn I have left. I know , this could lead to the whole lot  going .  I'm using a sort of apple coring system ,just working my way round and round skimming thin strips out... and already it's looking so much better , less like all the planting is jammed tight against the fence...more spacious I think.

If that wasn't enough  then I decided to rework another long neglected patch, no grass this time .

My reward for all this ... found a  tiny patch of crocus tucked under the Veburnum.


  1. If it's not one thing it's ten others! Projects seem to multiply when you're not looking.

    Love that turquoise wheelbarrow!

  2. Hahaha...I thought the same thing...and was kinda blue about not having any more big patches of bare ground to turn over and plant up. Then, I took a look around, and decided I was going to re-do whole sections of the garden...what's wrong with me!?!

    1. Possibly inspired by Glebe collage and Carol Klein

  3. We're gluttons for punishment...or creative geniuses, take your pick.

  4. Replies
    1. I vote for all of the above! I'm tearing more sod out of my yard too this year. Thanks for the inspiration. :-)

    2. This weekend I'll be a genius and just sit and read in the sun!