Monday, August 20, 2018

Not the 'Texas star'

I grew Hibiscus coccoina 'Texas star'  from seed three years ago . I've been watching it get taller and taller , it's now over 5 ft . But no blooms. Till this year ! It's been months since I spotted the first flower  buds .  Every morning I go out to check for the first flower to open .
Yesterday afternoon it did  ! The 'Texas star ' is  red . This is   , a lovely huge white flower. I had to do a bit of Hibiscus research ...looks like this is  H 'Moon moth' or 'The white flower swap mallow' .   I have been giving it so much more water this year. ... no wonder it's happy ....'Swamp 


  1. There is a white Texas star hibiscus, it's possible that's what you have. Google Hibiscus coccineus 'alba.'

    1. Some research I did ! You're right that's what it is . That 'Select seeds' you never know what you'll end up with ,I quite like that though.

  2. Aww - after all that... I'm so glad you love it! It's a gorgeous bloom, but I know how disappointed I can get when the coveted plant finally blooms - and is the wrong color. I'm getting ready to pry my Datisca cannabina out of its barrel. I know I promised you a start - will try to divide it, if I can get it out alright. It's going in my newly reclaimed stock tank!
    ~ Anna K

  3. It certainly is a pretty flower. I bet it looks great a dusk!