Thursday, August 9, 2018

August in the garden...

August the big crescendo ! It's true ! I 'm always slightly disappointed with my big back border .  Last year I decided  to dig everything up and replant. Previously it had come together in a sort of unorganized ,  a bit at a time way.  This time I had all the material I needed . I just needed  to play around with the arranging , Still some tweaks needed .  Take notes I keep telling myself ...

My mostly shade area under the Plum tree has kept together , even through all this heat  we are having.  Watering a little bit most days seems to be the answer, and the plants are getting bigger and denser every year .

The small island in front of the house has become nice and full , except I keep putting off replanting that far right side !  At the moment it's just mint , which needs aggressive pulling all summer long ...the bees love it.

Here in the  large front area which was all lawn two years ago . I didn't do much at all this year . Mainly because it's difficult to get in all the planting !  I just tiptoe through and snatch and pull the unwanted ones., mostly  Rose campion  and Queen Ann's lace .

I've  decided maybe a path is needed . It's already a rough one anyway . This is my trail  to  set the sprinkler   up.   Just a bit more clearing  and some gravel will do.

A path started on the other side . I've dumped all my clippings to mark the new path .  It needs to be cleared   further along after the summer . 

I've got plastic buckets every where ! I started clearing up all the crispy  stuff . This area is so dry and in full sun must of the day . No wonder the previous owns had it filled with Vinca .

The shade garden is looking not bad at all . I went in a week ago and pulled out all the old blooms and any thing else that came with it. So much under planting was being smothered .  After a good watering it all looks much fresher.

And another of the pots I've made . This time I planted a Japanese Quince that was  made from a cutting from an old shrub in the garden .

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