Thursday, August 2, 2018

A first Kusamono

The temperature has dropped nicely  after a miserable week.
 I've been  keen to try using one of the  new bonsai pots I made... but not for trees.
 I've always loved the miniature  potted grass, perenial planting I've seen in my Bonsai books .
I didn't know that this sort of container planting is known as Kusamono , which literally means  " grass thing" .                        "Kusamono and shitakusa are a potted collection of plants designed to be viewed either in accompaniment with bonsai or alone ".
So, here is my first one . I did intend to use plants from my garden , but 
 I bought this Hosta 'mouse ears' instead as. I needed a small version.  
The Reineckia was dug up from the shade garden, and the moss ...I scraped off a big stone that  I still found green even  in all the heat and dryness.


  1. I love these! I think you may have just led me down what could be a very deep rabbit hole, Linda. This is the first I've heard of kusamono and, after reading a little about it and looking at lots of pretty pictures, I started thinking how some pots of this type might fit nicely into my lath house. Of course, I'd have to select plants that can stand my hellish summer conditions. Sadly, hostas, moss and the like don't much like it here.

    1. They would be perfect for your lath house. There are some good youtube clips on kusamono .Carlos Hebeisen. has a few interesting ones , It's in German , but you can still follow along. I wanted to see what sort of potting mixture was used and how the moss was laid on , etc.