Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Out in the garden..

Fine dry weather finds us out in the garden at last. I've been digging  perennials up. dividing them , moving them , trying not to damage them too much . Some of them are awfully  deep rooted , and I'm exhausted ….

I found more circler pavers buried under gravel. So, I've been trying to rework this …again.

Not treading on things is the difficult bit.  I've already squashed  a few just emerging Sedums  .

So far I've dug up clumps of : Iris, Knophofia, Crocosmia and a few…I don't now what you are , but I'll divide you anyway. 

Erythronium 'Kondo' 


  1. I have a few clumps of that "don't know what you are" plant. I've been digging and moving stuff too, nearly broke my back digging up two clumps of Baptisia, those roots go deep!

    1. Alison, I have a huge clump of Baptisia…I think I'll leave that for another spring !

  2. Spring seems to be the season for exhaustion.