Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day for March !

I was sat looking out the window the other day. When I could just see this tiny pink something.  I had to get my binoculars  out because it was pouring down with rain. I'd forgotten about Tulip  humbles violacea  , and much earlier than my other Tulips.

Cyclamen coum in one of my  handmade Goodwill pots .

And lastly a new bloom …Primula vulgarism 'double white'
Thank you Carol  at May Dreams Gardens 


  1. I hope all this rain at least translates into lots of growth this spring and summer. I like your potted cyclamen. I should do that with some of mine, so I don't have to get on my hands and knees to enjoy them.

  2. Very pretty! I love Cyclamen. Their blooms make me think of butterflies!

  3. You have lovely blooms for Bloom Day! The Tulip humbles violacea is very pretty.

  4. Putting Cyclamen in a pot is nothing short of brilliant!