Thursday, May 12, 2016

The rock roses...

When I realized that we have  soil very similar to our last garden in Suffolk UK , which was  on the  coast  and very, very sandy.  I remembered how well the Cistus grew  in the dry , windy, windy East coast .
So, I've been  adding them  to this dry , windy garden , now I have ten…
This one 'Jessamy beauty is planted on my dry slope and gets no water , from me, that is.

This one Hallmium x Sarah, a Cistus relative. is helping to soften the harsh lines of the drive way.

Cistus Elma , my first , I planted to help cover the ugly fence. It's doing that very well.

Cistus libanotis 'major'
Cistus 'snowfire'


I believe I have two ' snow fires'…oops. Sometimes it's helpful to do an inventory .

 Cistus' Mickie ' is looking healthy this year , I planted it in last summers heat; and  Mickie  suffered for it. 

My most resent one : Cistus x pagel pale pink . Almost white this one . I've planted it along our metal fence to replace the dead boxwood.                                                                                                                                                                                 I've got one more , Cistus  'gardianus' another pink one  which hasn't started to bloom yet. 


  1. I had one in my last garden, where space was at a premium, and discovered that pruning was like trying to cut through iron bars. Now I have plenty of space, so here we go...! Yours are divine.

  2. When you find a plant genus that you love, you want MORE of them. You have got some great Cistus plants.

    1. Grace, I'm reading 'The Tulips' by Anna Pavord …I'm already a tulip fan ! This can get expensive !