Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Alliums are here

The Alliums are here ! Just in time ,  as the garden has been rapidly filling in with various greens.  A few  dabs of Allium Christofiii   livens things up. I only  wish there were more !
I 've been taking stock of the Alliums planted over the years : Christophii, I  planted 10 in 2012; It's increased by…1, which is better than most of the others I've planted . 

Schubertii  5 planted in 2011 , only two survivors. They are in an area that gets dug up quite a lot 

These little yellow ones I didn't plant , I think they are Moly Jeannine , this is a vigorous one . I'm going to lift most of them up and move them to a new area that could use a bit of brighting up .

Allim unifolium  I planted 100 in 2008 . There are lots of these rampant ones. I like them for tucking between plants . I did make the mistake of planting a few in my mothers heavy clay garden , where they have become a  very weedy pest . In my dry garden they're  just fine.

 Nectarscordum … 10 planted in 2012, I count only 5 , which is a shame because I would like more .

' Altopurpureum ', 10 planted in 2014 and amain only 5 left. I love these purple ones , so I'll be ordering more.
The only ones left to bloom are: A sphaerocephon , which happens in July. They always multiply like crazy.              And finally A. 'graceful beauty' which I planted last autumn . I can only spot  3 out of 25 .  If I had read the catalog description more carefully I would have realized  they get only 12" tall  and bloom too late for the very tall and crowded shade garden.


  1. The only Alliums that have come back reliably for me are the drumsticks and nectaroscordum...oh, and 'Hair', which is quite an oddity. Love the color of that last one. I like them all well enough to keep adding more, even if they tend to do a disappearing act after a few years.

    1. Ricky , My drumsticks were the first ones I planted , they have been very reliable, I'm always dividing and moving them around. I'll keep trying out new ones !

  2. Some of them do tend to just disappear...I've had good luck with Cristophii...which is good, as it's my fave. A. nigrum and A. 'Globemaster' seem to bulk up reasonably well...I think mine have at least doubled since planting.

    1. Scott, I'm going to try 'nigrum' out , looks similar to 'graceful beauty' but taller !