Tuesday, February 11, 2020

February in the garden



Lonicera 'Harlequin'

A few dry days and I was out making a start at clearing up . Pulling , yanking and raking as much as I could before it all starting growing again. Last year I waited too long  and had to carefully snip around the new growth . I also missed out on enjoying many of the bulbs buried under the mess.

Mickey inspecting or searching for something  disgusting in the new clearing !


  1. It is amazing how spring-ish it is already and it is just the second week of Feb. I was out today and saw new growth everywhere.

  2. Mickey is just like Scooter. He went outside with me yesterday (our first warm sunny day in what feels like forever) and he went wild - just running and running in circles. Suddenly he stopped and began digging in the mud. He required another bath before being allowed in the house but he had so much fun I had to forgive his faults.