Thursday, January 16, 2020

Garden blogger's bloom day

A day late , but here we are . More almost blooms or after blooms , but still interesting.

Arctostaphylos 'St Helens with many, many muscari underneath .

Hamamelis 'Jelena'

My Hellebors are one of the almost blooms , I'm not really bothered , because they never look good.

Another almost bloomer ...Grevillea victorae ..I think 

What's left of Mahonia Charity blooms

Stachyurus salicifolis 

Seedpods of Viburnum cylindricum , I missed the blooming

An almost blooming Helleborus foetidus

I've lost the tag for this almost blooming Viburnum . It could be atrocyaneum f. harryanum.


  1. Gosh Linda - we have some similar stuff going on out there - although I do envy your Arcto. So very beautiful - as is Jelena! I think the Grevillea might be G. rosmarinifolius.

  2. You have quite a lot of blooms in your garden. Mine is a mud hole and I fear sinking to my knees if I go out there. It is going to warm up some this week and only (only?) three days of rain is forecast. I got to enjoy yours and that is good enough for me today!