Tuesday, January 15, 2019

January Garden Blogger's Bloom Day and Tell the truth Tuesday

I jammed my camera  up under the Hellebore bloom . 

I noticed this little clump of Primula's the other day.

And Primula 'Wanda' 

 I almost missed  this tiny  Saxifraga  starting to bloom , Probably I need to get out more.  

Another easily missed bloom Polygala chamaebuxus .

A single Knautia 'thunder &lightning '

Hamamelis Jelena in full bloom .

This is the ugly damage the plumber caused with his huge double wide van a few weeks ago. The Cotinus  on the right  he rammed out by its roots. Philip spend hours ratcheting it back up . I think it will have to be chopped down , it's old and looks a hacked up mess . 

The big Spruce was also damaged , with big limbs ripped  off ... I hate plumbers  !


  1. Oh, what a shame about your trees! I would be so angry. That is so neglectful on his part. I've never noticed how primrose buds when they're still tight are swirled like that. Gorgeous Hamamelis! Mine never has anywhere near that many flowers.

  2. What!!? That’s horrible! I hope he didn’t charge you for the plumbing work. And I love the tiny Saxifrage!

  3. Thank goodness for all your beautiful blooms to ease the pain of the plummer damage! What was he thinking? It's understandable if they have to dig plants up to install something but to do all that damage with a truck is inexcusable.