Thursday, January 31, 2019

Introducing my Orchids ( part 1 )

Since I seem  to have become a collector . I thought I would start introducing my Orchids.  I  have  tried to narrow my collecting to miniature Orchid species.                                                                                                                             Greediness ... I can fit more under my LED light selves .
I 'll start with this tiny Native of Taiwan : Haraellalla  retroca . It's supposedly an easy one to get blooming . And here it is blooming . In Taiwan it grows in the forest on mossy branches in semi shade .  The bloom looks like a beetle which attracts the male for pollination . I guess the male also like the scent of 'Lemon pledge ' because that's what my nose says.
I've mounted mine on a piece of Tree fern with Spagnum moss . I also discovered it's better to tie it with thin strips of   stocking  ( I have been using fishing line ) . I haven't  worn tights in years , so I had to buy  a box of 'Leggs' .
It likes to be kept moist so , every morning it gets a good misting , and every Saturday all the Orchids get a good shower . So far so good !

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  1. What an interesting plant. Looking forward to meeting more of your orchids.