Friday, May 11, 2018

More May

 I Thought I'd better carry on celebrating May before it's over .
The first Roses are appearing , I seem to have collected so many  Roses , including the ones that came with the house , like this one. They are all tucked into shrubs , so they are taking time to make an impact , If they survive that is.

Purple Aquilegia and Red NOID  Peonies in the front garden. 

Oriental poppy 'Turkish delight ' has self seeded quite a bit and gotten very big , it's a shame after blooming it dies very badly.  I usually squash it down under some other plants till I can cut it down.

The  red Peonies came with the house , but were in what was to become my shade garden , so I dug / split  and moved them to the new open area after  we removed the big lawn a few year ago.
They seem to love it here .  I like the big bold red this time of year when there is not so much blooming.

Little patches of Erigeron... more, more and more  every year 

Armeria marittima 'rubrifolia'  making a good sized mound now.

The first Dianthus... pink , that's all I know .

Linum perenne var lewisii  planted last year , I hope you self seed .

 Lysimachia atropurpurea , now this one is a self seeder ,  but not annoying so ...yet .

Once I get into all this planting and  sift through  the undesirables I am left with holes , which is where all my annuals I've got growing will fill in . Yup to get going.


  1. I love those bright red peonies! I'm pleased to hear the Lysimachia is a self-seeder, I just planted six of them, and I'll be happy to have more. Maybe it will out-compete the weeds.

  2. You have such a nice variety of columbines. I nearly bought Lysimachia this weekend..but was talked into something else. I'm hoping I made a good choice for my space. Happy May!

  3. I'll have to look around for some Lysimachia to bring to the swap . Happy May to you as well !