Thursday, May 24, 2018

A before and after

I'll start with the after...even though with all this wonderful weather we are having the after will soon become the beginning again!, . At the end of last summer I dug out most of the plants like Bronze Fennel  ( too tall, too many) , much of the Helianthus ( too tall , too many) and the Feather grass tall.

I've been busy replacing with mid height planting, most I've grown from seed this year. Mickey is happy to be able to see over the planting 

It's fluffing out by the hour ! , still a few holes to fill in . But I'll be adding more plantss as the summer goes on.

All the  tall plants I dug up were replanted against the fence. 

Mostly green just now, but that will change .

This was the mess I made last year .

And here are all the too tall and too many .


  1. This is wonderful Linda. I love all of your plantings and those gravel pathways. It looks so inviting.

  2. Linda, you have the most charming gardens and pathways. It's amazing to see how well plants adapt after being moved. When I look at your pictures, it's as if they never were moved at all.