Saturday, December 9, 2017

A frosty start to December

At last a frosty morning ! I was getting bored with  wet and cold . 

Berries ...remember to plant more berries next year .

I'm always impressed how the shade garden tidies itself up so quickly , most of the plants have just melted into the ground.

A  light sprinkle of  frost for December .
Last year this time was the start of something not so light .


  1. Frost can be so pretty! I've been wondering when it would hit you folks. We've been getting overnight frost up here all last week.

  2. Wasn't the frost gorgeous?! I was waiting for it to finally arrive. I agree with you on how nice it is that some plants tidy themselves up so nicely :) Winter is finally here!

    1. Jennifer, So much nicer than the grey , cold and wet days we've had .

  3. Alison, The frost is very pretty ! But, I'm too cold to stay out and enjoy it for long.

  4. These cold, crisp days have been a gift. Leave it to Jack Frost to make things more interesting.