Tuesday, August 22, 2017

August in the garden...

You can just make out the sprinkler in the photo . I had hoped I wouldn't need to water much this summer. We had plenty of rain this winter . I didn't plant many new things this spring . But, when the rain stopped and the temperature kept raising  and raising for god nows how long now . I find myself sprinkling , or carrying watering cans all day , everyday . 

I got fed up with this area under the plum tree . So, the other day I dug out all the E. 'Miss Wilmots' . I enjoy her in the sunny open areas of the garden. But here she takes over , and then turns silver, which is nice . It's when she too early goes autumnal. I'm not ready !
So, I'm looking for new plants....

'Miss Wilmot' can stay here. She fits in , it's all golden .

The shade garden did pretty well though the heat. I do turn the sprinkler on every day for a short time though. I 've been cutting things back and pulling spent bloomers out .  

My big dry sunny area I cleared of lawn two years ago , has filled in nicely . I've had to dig up and save a few suffering plants . 'Miss Wilmot' you are welcome here as well.

My corner with all the recovering ... I hope. Plants that I've saved from heat exhaustion.


  1. Oh, I'm so bummed to hear you tossed all your Miss Willmott. They would have been very well received (by me) at the swap. It's been a rough summer, even for drought tolerant plants. I'm also sick of hauling water.

  2. Put me on that list with Alison if you bring Miss Willmott to the swap.