Monday, January 9, 2017

January in the garden...

I didn't get around to photographing any of the lovely snowy scenes after this weekends  snow  / freezing rain storm. Actually there wasn't a whole lot of snow this time around.
I did have a wander  around today .  No deaths so far …..mostly just blackened  mush ! 

I don't mind the mush at all , it seems to disappear quickly and hopefully enriches my sandy soil.

The shade garden seems to be tidying itself up nicely !  I  mostly left it all to collapse after the summer. . 

The front garden will take a bit of work ! Last year went over the whole lot with the mulch mower in February. Till then I'm just going to enjoy the mess !


  1. Your garden is looking very good for this time of year! While I'm not a fan of winter, it sure does tidy some things up nicely.

    1. Peter, Things have changed a bit since yesterday !

  2. Love the fact you leave the leaves to compost in place. Makes for some mighty great soil! Hope you're faring well after this last round of snow.

  3. Your garden looks really good, all things considered. I love your gravel paths and the grasses and conifers. I'm not doing any clean up on mine until I know the cold weather is finished.

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