Thursday, June 9, 2016

Echinacea pallida and Eryngium superbum

Sometimes I plant out things I grow from seed , and , well forget about them.  They often don't bloom in the first year.
Echinacea pallida I grew last spring , I dotted the tiny plants  between other plants . Hoping they would survive; and here is my first bloom !

It took a bit of searching through old seed orders to find this one . Eryngium alpinum superbum …I bought the seeds   in 2014 . So , it's taken two years for these to bloom . It's a perennial , not a biennial , so I don't know where it's been hiding. 


  1. Wowsers - love both of these, Linda. You have the magic touch! I'm impressed!

  2. Beauties, both...must have been a pleasant surprise.