Monday, June 13, 2016

A change of plan...

I did plan to make use of the dozens of terra-cotta pots I've collected , by  using them to sow annual seeds.  Just prick out most of them  and have pots of sweet blooms all summer ! But no, I 'mt tired of picking clinging snails off the pots.

So this week they are all being stuffed willy nilly into the bare patches in the garden.

I think it's the best idea , the snails will have slither through my sandy soil  to get at them.

And since it's going to be a rainy week !


  1. The best laid plans were meant to be changed (to mix and butcher a couple of metaphors). Now where did you put that Calycanthus?

    1. I'm in love with the Caly ! Thank you for that gentle nudge . It is residing in my shade garden, I think it fits in perfectly and it's just still blooming !