Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This years seeds...

This year I'm trying a much simpler seed starting system…no indoor trays . I find I end up with too many spindly plants, that I refuse to toss away.                                                                                                                                                    They end up in every plastic pot I can find, forgotten, dried up and sad. So this year I have made use of all the terra-cotta pots I've got lying around;and there are many.
I've got all annuals , so I can empty and clear them away at the end of the summer.
So far , thanks to the warm tempts they are all looking good. Though I've just noticed the slugs and snails have been feasting on: Zinnia'Red Spider, Maltese cross and 'fairy trumpets.  Selene has not been touched. I'll remember that for next time !


  1. I've been leaning towards that approach too. The good seed intentions always seem to fizzle out with underwhelming results doing it the other way.

  2. I like it! Keep us posted as to their progress. I need to learn more about seeds.

  3. I like to winter sow for the seeds that can handle it. They are always more robust than indoor sown. Keep us posted on your results!