Friday, April 15, 2016

Blooming April ...

This is the combination I was after when I planted these Tulips  in 2012 I remember being disappointed  , the  cynoglossum or Chinese for-get-me-nots didn't bloom at the same time as T. Ballerina and Roccoco I. If only I had settled for the Myosotis , so now I have ….

My Lunaria corner , where  everyone is welcome….

The Cerenthe major have been corralled against the fence 

I love these two Geranium samobor and Euphorbia oblongata

persicara bistorta is getting around quite a bit !

I seem to have many purple Aquilegia this year , maybe the sports of 'Winky blue and white'  
The first of the Geums 

A new plant: Centaurea species , which is a   sweet low growing one .

I had to look this one up : Globularia cordifolia , another low grower.

And finally I've added more to my greedy Primula / Auricula collection and they are all blooming in April.
Happy bloom day ! Thank you Carol at  May Dreams Gardens!


  1. Love the tulip/forget-me-not combo! I love Columbines - you absolutely never know what you are going to get. They self seed just about everywhere, but I'm always reluctant to pulling them out, as you might miss something stunning and amazing. Which is why my garden is full of them...sigh!

  2. I agree with Anna. I won't pull any of my columbines....fearful of missing something brilliant. I haven't tried the Chinese forget-me-nots. Do they spread like myosotis? I enjoy the surprise of finding a new clump around my gardes. Happy GBBD!

  3. Why do my primulas never return? I love and add them, and you have even given me one, and somehow each spring I have none!

    1. Jeez Jane , Remind me not to give you any more ;) What about growing them in pots ?

  4. Anna and Jenny, I think I need to pull a few !

  5. I love all the blue flowers. Very nice!

  6. Parrot tulips are so voluptuous and showy. Yours, partnered with the Forget me nots are gorgeous! What a brilliant combination. Love your Lunaria corner too. Globularia cordifolia is on my wish list. Your photo of it makes me want it all the more. And your Primulas are exquisite. Happy spring!

  7. I'm only buying primulas with long stems from now on. They fare much better against the evil slugs.