Monday, January 25, 2016

A Clearing...

I've been looking forward to this, a warmish , dry, clear day. A day to get out and have a good clearing  of all last years planting. I love this bit, I was armed with  secateurs, garden scissors, hedged trimmers, heavy duty loppers. I find I  mostly end up hacking with a stiff rack and pulling things up.  

 Done, done, done… I always like it at this point. I wonder if I should stick to low planting ? Grasses and ground cover …have to think about that ...


  1. But if you planted low, where would you get all that pleasure you describe? I'd be happy to volunteer my garden for your Chelsea Chop treatment.

  2. Ricki, I would still have all those grasses to cut down , which I find hard work , now that they 've gotten so huge .

  3. Wow what a difference clean up does! You inspire me.