Saturday, August 15, 2015

Blooms in August….

Here is a look from with in my new planting area , it's filled in nicely. Not only that, but looking on the ground I can see many , many new seedlings appearing , that means another round of Cerinthe major.
The bloomers are: Kniphofia percy's pride,Sedum 'Autumn joy',Gaura l. belleza white, Sangusorba .alba, Coreopsis big bang full moon, Rudbeckia 'cherry brandy',Phlox 'nicky' Golden oregano,Thymus'silver posie,Achillea , feverfew and  the very rampant Queen ann's lace.

I took this looking out my sunroom window this morning. Bronze fennel, Helenium , various Agastache and Phlox

This little charmer I found nestled within the micro climate of the shade garden.
Join Carol for many more August blooms  here  


  1. You new planting is gorgeous, Linda. I especially love the repeats of Kniphofia 'Percy's Pride' nicely distributed. Mine STILL refuses to bloom. Must move it for more sun, I suspect. Happy Bloom Day! See you somewhere along Green on Green today?

  2. That new planting area is stunning! The kniphofia is so striking. Lovely color combinations.

  3. Beautiful! Like both Jenni and Jane, I love Percy, and I also want to say how much I love the airy quality of both Gaura and Fennel. Your garden looks wonderful, Linda!

  4. I was pondering Gaura yesterday. Now I think I must go back for it.

  5. The repeating Kniphofia and Sedum Autumn Joy in that first shot are wonderful.