Thursday, April 10, 2014

Welcoming back old friends….

It's that time of year , old friends are waking up. Every morning someone new to greet. This spring I'm especially pleased ; after a few deadly frosts  for us gardeners in the PNW. I know I've lost plenty of things.  So , welcome back all you sleeping perennials :

Kirengeshoma palmata and Anemonopsis macrophylla  behind,  have just poped up this last week , so far looking fresh and happy. Last year the Anemonopsis started out well , then looked a bit hang dog all summer . I've given it a top dressing of leaf mulch ….maybe keep the moisture better ?

Welcome back little clump of Cornus canadensis , I wasn't worried, you zone 2-8 plant, just pleased to see you again. 

Wecome back you tiny Noid plant that came in the pot of Pyrrosa that I planted a few years ago.  I think you could be an Epimedium 

Wecome back Lysimchia paridiformis var, stenophylla , I notice you have four new friends this spring. The plant tag says you are "quite well behaved" , we'll see...

A special welcome back to ,  not Rubus lineatus senior,  no… dead  ; but many juniors  , too many in fact.

Not an old friend , but a new one Mascari 'golden fragrance'


  1. I'd throw out the welcome mat for those pretties too. Isn't spring grand?

  2. I have a bunch of baby Rubuses too, but I think I may dig them all and toss them, and pull out the dead stump. I just don't like its tendency to run so profusely.

    1. Alison , I'm keeping mine, a sentimental favorite,one of the first plants I " lusted" after upon moving to the PNW .

  3. You have great old friends and Golden Fragrance is a wonderful newbie. I remember smelling it in your garden last year. Delightful. Happy spring Linda and friends!

  4. Just today I finally cut back the dead wood from prior years growth of My Rubus lineatus. Since I've been growing it I've never had it die back so I'll be curious to see how fast the babies can replace. While I agree with Alison that it certainly can run around a bit it's so beautiful and easy to control that I think I'll always keep it around.