Thursday, April 24, 2014

New plant , old plants….

If I had known about this fast growing evergreen , potentially growing to twenty feet tall and twenty feet wide ; Fremontodendron california  glory would have been covering the whole back width of my garden,  instead of all my pesky bamboo.  I'm not sure how hardy this one is , but I'm giving it a go... grow fast you Fredontodendron.

Another evergreen Pittosporum teauifolium 'purpureum' which I planted in 2009 . A deadly killing winter  ,  left this newly planted  half dead , literally half dead, I snipped off all one dead  side of it .  The rest slowly grew back to looking healthy again last summer.  But alas …another bad winter this year. Again one side of the plant…dead . I was pleased to see all this fresh green growth though…a fighter !

Poor old Pittosporum illiciodes 'Strappy' lost all it's evergreen leaves last winter , which wasn't that cold , never  recovered it's looks. Now it's been hit with another , worse winter, still it's alive ...

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  1. Oh, for a mild winter so we and our plants can recover.