Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Drizzly Bloom day...

Abutilon 'Furious yellow' with a fine misting 

A favorite, Saxifraga rubrifolia just now beginning to bloom.
Rosa 'Perle d'or' , Thank you Jane!

Knifhofia typhoides , the brown poker, sometimes gets lost in the fray .

Justicia brandegeana with many,many shrimps this year

Miscanthus sinensis 'little zebra' not looking so little

Helenium mariachi fuego 

Those Nicotianas again

My Persicaria starts from last springs plant swap, all grown up and blooming away 

Last year I watched a Dahlia collector on ' Gardeners World' . I was surprised  how aggressively he dead headed the blooms .  so I have been snipping away every  morning, snipping blooms with the slightest signs of fading. Yes, it does makes a big difference in the blooming. 

The Japanese Anemones have taken a beating this year,   they're  no longer floating  tall ,  but  hanging horizontal   over most of the area. 

Penstemon 'Purple giant' ...I think

Zauschneria 'Silver select'
And lastly the Sedums ,Happy Bloom day.Garden Blogger's Bloom Day is hosted by Carol, of May Dreams Gardens


  1. Gorgeous! I really should take better care of my Dahlias and deadhead them more aggressively. I bought that Saxifrage rubrifolia this spring, now I need to get it in the ground soon.

    1. Alison, I love that S. rubrifolia...likes lots of water ,though.

  2. Justicia brandegeana, that is one cool plant! I've never heard of it before. Lov it! I really neglected the dahlia dead-heading this year. You are so on top of it Linda! Happy GBBD!

  3. Your blooms are beautiful! That's good to know about Dahlias.

    1. Thanks Laura, It's the only thing I've been doing this summer..deadheading

  4. I'm heading right out to deadhead the dahlias. The rain looks good on all of your blooms.

  5. A beautiful bloom day in the whatsitgarden, although I must take issue with 'Furious Yellow.' It doesn't look mad at all. :)