Thursday, April 4, 2013

Leplinella Platts black

Yesterday I spent some time picking out tufts of grass from my Platt's black brass buttons path , I must have been negligent last spring, so lots and lots of tufts. Those clever things hiding within the moss. My technique is to scratch away at the moss exposing all those awful bits of grass, then it's just picking and picking away !
And with all the rain today, I'm sure the tufts of grass I missed will be be back with a vengence 

And the Acacia just glowed in the rain and grey skies


  1. OH MY!!! That Acacia is amazing! Mine has two or three small tufts of blooms. What a happy plant.

  2. I have lots of picking and scratching ahead of me.

  3. So much for those "low maintenance" plants, right? I love your Acacia.