Monday, April 15, 2013

April 2013 Bloomday..

The huge Acacia pravissima and the Eurphorbia's are the main attraction in the garden this month. Chartreuse  and yellows everywhere I turn ,which is fine by me. 

Those Eurphorbia's again , this time a dab of red from the Camillia 

I 've never been one to put together containers with any skill or style, but this one with just the three : Saxifraga ,Sedum and Licorice plant is possibly my favorite group in the garden at the moment 

I think the tulips are on Hiatus this year...where are the ' Ballerinas' I planted over 50 blubs a few years ago , just a handfull have bothered to show up, so few that I just had to bring them indoors , so they wouldn't look so bitty.
But, these T. Rococos have come out in force.

More red with these Bellis

Rather than post blooms  shown in past Aprils , I 'm posting very new ones. Blooms I brought home from the Hardy society of Oregon plant sale! This lovely ground cover Cornus canadensis will be one to take the place of all the Vinca Major I pulled up over the years.

Geranium phaem'Margaret wilson'

Geranium phaeum 'Samobor' 

This one not from the sale, but a new bloom , the difficult to get my mouth around, Omphalodes 'parisan skies'

Lysimachia paridiformis var,stenophylla another shade plant, I did intend to get things for dry /sun , but came back with mostly shade lovers.

Yep, another shade lover Saruma henryi

And finally a very very nearly blooming Dianthus 'Baths pink'
Well that's my bloom day done dusted !
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  1. Oh, that Acacia pravissima - you know I'm just transported! And that darling dianthus unfurling: beautifully captured!

  2. Wowzers on that tulip. It looks like something from the Renascence. I can almost picture it with a woman lounging on a chaise with swoopy curtains. :)

    I Googled your Lysimachia because I wasn't familiar with it. Oh dear. Another one to add to my list. Very cool! I love all your blooms. Happy Bloom day (several days late).