Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Late Summer in the garden

After doing not much in the garden all summer ...too hot, too smoky, too lazy.  I am now starting to get a few things done while I can.
First thing on my list : Get that bamboo out of the stock tanks , three to start with .                                           Then I'll see about the other, I'm not even sure how many I've got along the fence. They have been the privacy barrier for a few years . First in the ground ,  then  stuffed into stock tanks. 

One stock tank with chopped down bamboo , and tipped upside down . Will all the soil and bamboo just drop out . Of course not ....
Stock tank number two ... same technique . I think I'll leave these like this all winter.
Stock tank number three ..... 



  1. So...why are you getting rid of the bamboo?

    1. Lori, Where shall I start ... no. 1 ....I hate it . no. 2 ....I hate it 3 ....I hate it